Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Well, since the last time I posted, the Fred's have welcomed a new member into the family!! 

He's a jolly wee addition, that's for sure. We haven't known him for very long and he has already made a hugely favorable impression on all of us! I do believe we'll keep him. ;) 

Scottlan James Porter was born, August 14th, to Tim, Evy and Big Brother Evin!! :D
       {photo credit: Evangeline Renee}
He's already a month old...! Fortunately for them, his dad and mum understand the necessity of appeasing Northern Relations; and, thus, he spent a whole glorious 19 days with us and will soon be making another appearance! ;)

Here are some stored memories from their visit~

Evin has certainly not lost much of his spotlight. ;) He continues to bring us smiles and help us all build character with his delightful two year old antics! 

I now have an " initial buddy"! No longer the only 'S'. :) He is such the perfect little bundle to hold and cuddle with! <3

          We love our Scotty-boy!! <3