Friday, January 18, 2013

On Time:

Ohhhhh boy.
So, I was intending to post this in October; but, *heh-heh* that obviously didn't happen. =P

Well, this way, you get to enjoy photos of my Baby Brother in January, and not just October (when his actual birtday was). ;)

::Erik Whitmore Fredrickson::

[October, 1996]
(See? Evin looks like him...)

Note: I used to be taller. ;)


Cheery Chap =)


Every year that it's possible, the four pictured below, play an intense game of miniature golf.
At the conclusion of which, we strike a pose with our clubs. =)


Erik loves to assist with events and behind-the-scenes type work, and it's been a delight whenever I get the chance to do it with him!
He is extremely gifted in the areas of organization, detail, and follow-through.
Not to mention, he's a highly amiable gent to work with. =)


He's an adoring Uncle <3


As I said ... ;)


Highlight of last year was undeniably climbing Pike's Peak with my darling brother! 
It is one of the Memories that I will cherish for all the years to come. <3




~On Top of the World~


Thanks awfully for being my Mountain Climbing Buddy, Whit.
I'm so excited for all the other Heights we will find on Future Holidays. <3


It is glorious to work alongside one's siblings; sharing memories, and gaining experience. =]


I love you so much, Brother dear. <3
Happy {belated} Birtday!

[And thus, it is decided...]


P.s. - Thanks for helping me out of that dilemma - I appreciate it. =]
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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Just a Note ...

... to say,
"I'm alive!!"
(I feel in this instance, it's permissible to have the usage of two exclamation points ;)

For seriously, six more days and it would have been the 2 month anniversary of my "most recent post". 0_0

I don't have a massive window of time to catch you up on everything that has occurred since then; however, I will say, that my Jesus is amazing. <3

Serve the Lord with gladness, Christian soldier!


::Post Script::
So, a New Year means it's time to choose a New Farewell, yes?
Well, I'm in a slight dilemma as to which one I should choose. =/
Will you help me? 
If you feel so led, feel free to add your vote in a comment below.

Top 3 Choices:
Cheerio -- > British
Comiat {cum-yaat} -- > Catalan
Vale {va-lae} -- > Latin 

I look forward to receiving your selection. =)
The "chosen one" will be revealed next Friday ...