Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happiness Evoking

~Thoughtful Spots~

[bridges where one can play Pooh Sticks with a friend]

~Enchanting Countryside~

{donning wings on a whim...}

~Pic-a-nic-ing with Kindred Spirits~

[at long last being able to tie one's hair into a braid...and wearing mustard]


{they come in numerous shapes and sizes, colors and styles}

~Organizing/decorating/delving into one's creativity~

[going on many adventures with dear ones]

~Nephews ... be they friends' or mine own~

Guess who's teething?!

~Coffee - the healthful kind~

{comfy oatmeal smoothies that create smiles}

~All things British~

There is so much to be grateful for ... from the delight of still drinking tea in this country (and not having to toss it all into the briny blue ;), to the marvelously intricate wonder of a new little life.
Those pictured above, are merely a handful of people/things/places/occurrences that have brought smiles to my face, the past couple of months - and just to think of all the things that I wasn't able to capture on Lawrence!
I cannot entirely fathom His goodness, His grace, His love.
And I can't define it, according to a Websters' Dict., for you; however, the fact is that I know it's real.
I have chosen it.
Felt it.
Experienced it.
O Lord, You alone, are worthy to be praised!

I'd love to hear what happiness evokings have been in your life recently. =)


Post Script - I should like to share with you that dreams do come true. If you've read 'A Wee Bit About Phia', you'll have seen the bit about her desire to climb mountains at some point in her life. Well, next week, the Freds will embark upon their Family Holiday to ... Colorado!
You know what that means (but in the event that you do not, I shall enlighten) - mountains. <3 
Of course it shan't be climbing climbing; but, hiking climbing is highly satisfactory. =)
The point being, I'm not entirely sure if I'll have access to the ole' high speed, eh what.
So, if there is no post, that is the reason. =}

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

And a British Accent was Assumed the Entire Week ...

... in consequence of being jolly-well beside myself for utter happiness!

I tell you the truth, and I have arrived at the conclusion that, if Sophias could fly, you would ne'er have seen this one on the ground, beginning Monday and concluding on Sat. - at which point, the confines of the F.P.V*  kept her on solid ole terra firma (for 17 hrs., at least). =}
*Fifteen Passenger Van

Why so much felicity?
Well, dear reader, there are many reasons.
 (I say 'reasons', for there are several =)

Let's commence at the start, shall we?
 - I had been praying about the Big Sandy expotition*, since Feb.
(I was informed that I was going 1 week and 3 days before said expot. would be taking place)
{if you'll recall, Anslers came to visit in Februar =}
*I suggest that you brush up on your children's classic literature =)

- I had the delight  of traveling with many winsome fellow expotition-ers!

- 16 hrs. with Back-seat Traveling Chum, Sandra!

- Satiating wanderlust ;]

- Undergoing precious cultural experiences with said companions =]

- Catching up a bit on the vital shut eye, eh wot! =)

- Partaking of southern hospitality
{the dear Sandie-dook =}

- Terrorizing  Enjoying the innumerable charming frogs, which inhabited the pond *shing*

- Seeing Grace!

- Being 'suns' with Olive, Whit, Amy, and 'Manda ... lol ;)

- Surprise-getting-to-see Anna!

- And surprise-getting-to-see Anna's Mum!

- Being Team B, so that our station could be decorated with,
British tea
Baby nephew
and Berba grozda* items

*it's Croatian for vintage 

- At least 9 Additional Excellent Excuses to smile each day from 8 to 5 ;)

- Having 'roads' made on my back* and being teased about my liking for broccoli, by suspects #1 and #2, respectively ;)

*a formerly unheard-of variation on a back massage...glorious =)

- Discovering each of the uniquely dear melodies within my 9 music boxes <3

- Beholding The Great {Grinning} Pyramid

- Blessedly cheered every day by my darling Prexcel* girls =D

*if one omits the second 'e' in Pre-Excel, one is left with 'Prexcel'  ;)

- Skittles ... what more is there to say? =] 

- Laughing helplessly

- Meeting The Illustrious Sophlivia, Dancing Chi, and Wemmick Punchinella-ette, L-R respectively 

- Chumming away the evenings with recent JTTH, well ... chums =]
- Seeing the DLC*
*Dear Little Couple

- Blissfully happy being with the Jenna-ly, Sarah-ly, and Em'ly =)

- Being reunited with a dearheart of an Em'ly! <3

- One consolation of saying FTW* to the week ... basking in God's sunset creativity <3
*Fare Thee Well

- Cracker Barrel respite at 12:30 a.m.* 
*much to my not-happiness, CB does not serve oatmeal at that hour of the morning ... ploh

 British accent was entirely justified, according to a most reliable book entitled, A Guide to Sophias. ;}

*sigh* I suppose it is for the best that I did not go about breaking the Law of Gravity, with my jolly flying...because, now, I would not only have Oswald on my case (for posting too long!), but I would also be a fugitive on the  LoG bobby's list. =O

God blessed exceedingly beyond my diminutive mortal thought capacity. <3

Thanks awfully for stopping by to read my ramblings. =}

The child-nephew comes for a visit this week end, and I shall, yet again, be in danger of breaking the LoG. 


I fear it's not to be helped ... and I am perfectly content with that. ;)


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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

All Good Things...

Greetings, faithful citizens! It has been a day...and because it has been a day, I regret to inform you, that there shan't be a dreadfully long post this evening (least ways Oswald won't be able to ticket me). =\ Point of fact, it's only going to be as long as is necessary to relay that I'm still breathing and my heart is yet beating (though at a pace so as to match Peter Rabbit's - what with all the activity in the neighborhood of my life, wot-wot!). Howevah! I know that you will understand...because, 'all good things come to those who wait'. ;] And with that, I wish you all a happy Windsday eve!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Journey that was Taken...

Here it is! The post that is nearing two+ weeks past-due. =P
It truly was indescribably mind-blowing; thus, I shall mostly speak with pictures. *shing*

We kicked off the week on Easter Sunday, waking up at 5:30 to see the it. <3

Most of the Girls =]

Some super dynamic individuals put on a special Easter Tea for us...awe! =)

~What a delight~

Pink Comrades =}

I had the blessed privilege of being with the Blue Team!

Monday morning, we traveled to the UP of MI.

{and stopped at Pizza Hut along the way ;}

At the end of 8, or so, hours...
we arrived!

Many things did we...

...kayaking being amongst them. =]

Chlo and Chee!

I was surrounded by the sweetest gels the entire week <3

Audra {aka Nigel}, taking on the challenge.
(Mr. Wind was rather blusterous!)

There was so much that took place...for seriously, I wouldn't know where to begin!

Come Sunday, we had to leave. ='{

Molly Sue and Ahmna Antoinette!
L.o.v.e their names...

I love reliving the joy and remembering what He did whenever I look at these pictures...

Maria Joy!

I just love this one =}


"I say!

Mel...bourne =} <3

Ahnree and Nigel - what chums!

Sweetheart Grace =)

God really blessed our team with one accord!


*sigh* Dear Kel...

As I've gone through these pictures, all the memories flood back - I miss every one of you girls immensely.

But, I'm trying to not 'be sad because it's over'...instead, I must remember to 'smile because it happened'!

The word 'trust' has taken on an added dimension for me. I looked it up when I was having my quiet time one morning, and this is the treasure I found,

"...this type of hope is a confident expectation, not a constant anxiety." 

uh-huh, yeah, woooooow!

I can't describe what a hug that was the entire week (and even now).

I leave you with this - 

God is real

God is sovereign

God is {good}

He is worthy to be praised! 

I could share; but, I have to wake up early (-er) tomorrow, and I really should try to be responsible and retire at a decent hour! ;P

Thanks to all who were praying for us!