Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yet again...

I'm not here! =]
Someone was a genius twice. ;)

The Lord has, again, provided an amazing opportunity for ministry - this time for the first ATI regional conference!
Livs and I will be working with Pre-Excel. =D
And so, your prayers would, again, be dearly appreciated. <3
{particularly for energy ;}

Not to worry, I have not forgotten about doing a Journey post...all in good time. =)
Oh! We had a special g-nomie visit this weekend! <3

{courtesy of Ev}

Would you believe it! G-nomies grow up...*shakes head* It is seriously unreal how much he's turning into a little man-citizen! This ahntie is having a hard time fathoming it all...
More to come!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More Zoo-li-ness =]

(Or, if you prefer...)
Hullo there!

Firstly, many and much thanks to all of you who were praying for the Journey! I am immensely appreciative - God did impossible things, and I can't convey in words just how much I was blessed. <3

So, I do hope to do a post about that soonly; but, for now, here is the rest of our zoo pictures. =]

Heidi on Turtle ...

... Heidi in Fish's Mouth...

Turtle is friendlier, we conclude =]

The bears were sleepy...

Polk-ie-dots in Nature =}

Bubbles {Heidi} in a Bubble! ;)

Such vividly colored fishies...

The Lonesome Penguin

Wandering 'round ...

And we learn that the Heidi-child is nearly as tall as the buffalo...

Oh how I love them!

Okay, so this was not at the zoo ... this is my department {missing Age! =(}!
A-girl was visiting, and we had such jollification. =]
I am so privileged to work with some pretty classy, amazing, stellar individuals!

Celebrating with raw date-nut torte...A is so dear. <3

Friend Day! =)
Mish-mish, you're a chum...<3

My bro's last soccer game of the season - Go Red!

I do apologize for the extremely laconic nature of this post. =P
At this hour of the night, my consciousness is in and out. ;]

Goodnight all!
Praise the Lord for His mighty work!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Someone Was a Genius... create a feature on Blogger that allows you to write a post, and then save it for a future date! 
It makes me smile a lot...because, point of fact, I am writing this in last week. =]
 Ok, that just sounds weird - but, it is awfully convenient.
{Thanks terribly, you genius person.}
As you're reading this, I'm at the breathtaking NWCC, assistant leading for the April Girl's Journey to the Heart!
The way God has pulled this all together is such a testament of His sovereignty. <3 
I would earnestly desire your prayers for this time, that:
- The girls would let go of the lies, fears, doubts, and painful memories they've been harboring 
- I would daily be emptied of myself and filled with His spirit 
- Each of the three teams would be blessed with one accord
- Competing affections would be wholeheartedly surrendered
- We would have safety driving back on Sunday
- The Lord would be glorified!

I thank each one of you.
I'll be certain to give you a little summary of this week ... hopefully, sometime soon-ish.

Annnd, I leave you with a picture of me being, erm - a moose. =]
(Lord willing, I can replace the above with a photograph of My Deer, come November!!)


P.S. - lol This guy is great! Are you a to-do list person??
I sure is ;}

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

That Time We Went to The Zoo

This post is going to be full of pictures! 
Annnnnd there would have been even more; however, picasa and blogger are, once again, having behavioral issues. =P So, perhaps, you'll get those in a different post. =]

Frugal Friday Thrift-Shopping with Friend! =D

Oh what vast amounts of fun was had =)
Let's do it again, Chelz!

When I find a raw dish at restaurants, I simply must photograph it! ;P

I drove Dad and Heidi to the Zoo!
{I was not driving when the above was photographed =}

Brookfield Zoo

Oh how I do love red-bud trees ...  

lol We have fun together - really, we do. =)


The tropical singing monkeys! 
It was nice and warm inside!

I kind of like this girl ... a lot =)

Soooo, we went to Asia while we were there ...

... annnnnd Africa
(not to make you jealous, or anything ;)

Cute Child Sighting! =)

Heidi and Condor ... Heidies are cuter ;)

My co-workers and I have been reading through the Epistles together, and this week we've been in Colossians.

"Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth."
~ Col. 3:2

I love how God always sends me what I need for each day. <3
It was so timely to have that reminder!
As we were discussing the chapter, someone pointed out that in the Greek, 'affection' is referring to 'mind'.
"Set your [mind] on things above..."
How easy it is to be overwhelmed, and become concerned with the immediate physical things around us - when really, we should be keeping in mind our eternal purpose!
How can we be furthering our Lord's Kingdom in the time and place He has us?

May each of us follow the admonition of Hebrews 12:1