Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Call Me Emotional ...

As most of you know, the Fredricksons and Porters welcomed a new little member into the family this month! =D New birth is such a joyous occasion; whether it be a baby or someone coming to know the Lord, there is always great rejoicing in Heaven! Yet, as in all things, there is a time and a season for everything under Heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die. August 28th, 2011, while we were at church, Queen Victoria peacefully (I hope) left our lives; to be troubled no more by the small trials of her life.
It was, indeed, a sad day for those of us who were attached to her. Seeing her little lifeless body was too much. I couldn't help but sob. Admittedly, I never really took the time to hold or play with her; but, she was always there to greet me with cheerful chirping at the bottom of the stairs in Summer, or in the heated garage during the Winter.

There is no doubt that some of us will miss her little life.

Her 'crown' is now a 'halo'.

This is not the first time we have had to say goodbye to guinea pigs; Buddy and Rascal have gone before her.

Erik was so kind to do flowers for the burial site.
The final touches
{my camera doesn't do it justice}

O Victoria, we miss you!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Heart Thrills ...

I was pretty much bouncing up and down on Saturday morning, after Dad handed me a letter ... now I love getting letters; but, I normally don't literally 'jump up and down'. What was the cause of my Delight? I'll let you guess ;) ... {it's not that difficult}...

Yes, a letter from the Queen of England! In early July, I had written her a birthday card...I really had quite relinquished any expectations of receiving a reply {that same week, in fact}; thus, the letter was met with immense enthusiasm. =D Later, as I was reflecting on the happiness of the moment, a question arose in my mind: Why am I so excited to receive a letter from someone I've not even seen in person (additionally, it was only from a Lady in Waiting)?? Becaaaause she's a ruler of a country (several, in fact) and she's British? Then it struck me. I should be infinitely more elated over possessing a Letter from Someone Else; Whom I have never seen in 'person', but Who knows me; Who is not only the Ruler of several countries, but rather has dominion over the entire universe and solar system; Who may not be 'British', but created all mankind (which is significantly more awesome!); Whose 'Lady in Waiting' didn't write the Letter, but Who was the Author Himself, and inspired His disciples to physically record His Letter to me {and you too =} on paper. The Holy Bible is the longest, most personal, most valued and treasured Letter I posses ... in fact, it's the most important possession I 'own'. <3 As happy as I was to 'hear from Her Majesty', I am far happier to hear from God. Both receiving the letter from England, and the {re-}realization that I posses a Letter from the Creator of the World, did indeed give my heart thrills.
{on the inside of the envelope}

Something else that has recently given me thrills...
He certainly is Mr. Popular whenever he's in the presence of other human beings. =) They came up for a visit this past weekend...

I had the rare privilege of holding him for 15 entire minutes!
~Just Waking Up~

Ant Heidi
{alternate spelling = pronunciation purposes}

The 3rd generation ... 26 years ago Dad started a singing ministry for a nursing home during his single years, and after he was married all of us children were brought in our baby-carriers as we each entered the family; now his first grandchild was able to 'participate'. <3 It was really special!
{Also, thank you! to all of the people who were praying for Dad's eye surgery...the doctors said it went well! Now he is recovering. Continued prayers are appreciated.}
Baby Sunday!
{Babies, left to right: Aidan, Alice, Evin; born in August, June, and August, respectively}

The Mamas!
Remember to value what is truly important.
What are some things that give you thrills?

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Long-awaited 'P'!

August 11th was the happiest Thursday morning that I can recall! At 2:20 a.m. Evin August Porter entered our lives...
{Yes, I did stay up til I heard he was born ;}

It is with greatest pleasure that I can now say "I am an Aunt!" +)
{Aunt - 'a' as in 'father' ;}

It was incredibly special having the opportunity to see him the day he was born <3

Mr.-Dr.-Grandpa-Fred ;)


Cousin + Honorary Uncle = Cuncle Anthony =)

Uncle Erik ... Awe!

He sleeps a lot for some reason ;P

Tiny Toes

Such Winsome Eyes


The Aunties
{short 'a'}

The Grandmothers

To the Work
After a jolly good weekend full of Evin, late nights, and spiritual renewal, it was high time to do something productive ... Monday started off with lists for the privileged listed citizens (mine isn't in the picture ;). And I am exceedingly delighted to report that the following slav-- er, rather, individuals made themselves immensely helpful ...

Hardworking Heidi


After {privileges} were completed, the laborers humored me with their participation in my tea party that I assembled for their reward ... assuming pseudonyms and all. =)

A cracking good way to utilize excess lemons!

Happy for 'cooler weather' - bring out the hoodies!

'Amazing' isn't a big enough word to describe how WIT impacted my life. I witnessed God work mightily in the hearts of several people that I knew; including my own. <3 I suppose 'Life-altering' would come fairly close.

I was blessed to be surrounded by old and new friends!

That was my crazy-fantastic weekend ...
How was yours?

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pie Days =)

This Thursday, we shall all be going down to IN... some of us to attend the WIT conf. and all of us to {Lord Willing} welcome a Baby, whose name we do not yet know (but shall soon find out!). And may I simply say that, I AM EXCITED BEYOND MERE WORDS! Since we shall be visiting our beloved Tim & Evy, Olivia thought of a novel idear to make a pie for them. I concurred! So we made two: one for us, and one for them. =)
~Mango ... a delight~

~Hand-picked Blueberries~

~I like making pies with you, Liv~

~Simple; yet, tasteful~

~Banana 'Cream' Pie~

~Mango Pie - Welcome Baby 'P'!~

~I greatly enjoyed attending the Ultimate Quest this past weekend~

~Team Four~

~Leadership Team~
I had many highlights from UQ - the Aussie accent being very high on the list! =)

My little suitcase is ready yet again to hit the pavement. This makes trip number seven - IN is in my sights!

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