Monday, January 12, 2015

//The Time Has Come//

I'm back!

Hello dear Blogdom...

It has been tragically much, much too long {this, I accept full responsibility for.} It's not at all that I've forgotten about you {t'the contr'y, you've been on my mind almost weekly!} 
I'm afraid I allow myself to be far too particular. You see, every time I would consider sending a post to you {which was rather a good amount}, I would almost instantly have to dismiss the idea, because of having convinced myself, "I don't have time." Oh you know how it is...there are a 100 and 1 things you hope to accomplish in a day; multiply this by the seven days in your week; x the 52 weeks in your year ... now, correct my math if it's in error, but that's a staggering 36,765 'things' that are vying for a vacancy in your brain! {and that's on a day of average thinking...just imagine what the numeral is on the days of brain storms!}

But this is all in the past. I am not going to take up an entire post, excusing the beastly way I've treated you. I could have at least dropped you a note, once or twice... 

Sincerely penitent and hopeful for the future,

Well folks. there it is. I'm back. :) No longer will the excuse {because that's exactly what it is} of, "I don't have time", be given the time of day in my life ... because, as I've been learning just recently, if something genuinely matters to you, you will make time to do it. And this? this matters to me. 

So, it's 2015! How about that. man, Time feels as though it's perpetually speeding up. 
I love January - the first month of a freshly begun year! What hopes, anticipations, dreams, and delicious unknowns they hold ... and with our Guide who goes before us, and will hold us by the hand ... there's no need to fear! and every reason to launch out in Faith and wonder at - anticipating with JOY - what He is going to do in our lives! 

Happy New Year, my friends!!