Saturday, March 24, 2012

Things Pleasantly Unexpected

*with sheepishness*
Hullo =}
I super hope that you all won't commence to shun me due to my lack of posting.
It is entirely my bad - and I say it once again,
you are all peachy chums!
So, to somewhat catch you up ...
In the beginning of March, we had some more wedding attending. =)
Congratulations to Adam & Valerie!
God bless you both. <3
Oh for joy and merriment!
We were completely delighted to see some very amazing people! =)
Ah, now we come to St. Pat's day ... pictured below is corned beef with cabbage, and green mashed potatoes.
Much to my sadness, we (the Freds) have not one smidge of Irish blood ... alas. =(
In place of artificially green mashed potatoes, I opted for naturally green guacamole! =)

It was a super fun day, involving guests and a coffee party!
A wee green "Lepracorn" [leprachaun] came to make some shoes for us! <3
Last week, Spring was in full!
For real, it was g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s.
So, what was so pleasantly unexpected and kept me from blogging??
I am now working in the Journey to the Heart dept. for IBLP!
I'm greatly enjoying it, and incredibly excited to see how He will use this in my life.
God's ways are so infinitely higher than my teensy-weensy ones. <3
My heart is truly full over the way He leads me - His ever-wandering child.
heh Last week, I was really 'out of it'; hence, my not blogging. =}
Now, we've been over this before - change, whether good or bad, takes adjusting to (particularly for me, it seems ;P)!
This is something that God keeps bringing into my life, and I truly am grateful that He leads me every step, and I can hold His hand, resting in His perfect plan for me. <3
All of this intensely stellar weather does beckon those of us with an inclination towards outdoor activities. =)
Frisbee three days in a row, citizens - huzzah!
with some volley ball on the side. =]
Sisters are seriously grand. <3 I do so love this Heidi-child!
" toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus." !
[Found in my good friend Filip, chapter 3, verse 14. =]
Post Script: Many and much thankfulness-es to my very sweet darling friend, Diana, for making me an official blog button! Thanks awfully, dear. =)
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Post Not Regarding St. Patrick

My sincerest apologies for not posting yesterday! Absent-minded it is, I simply forgot it was Wednesday. =}
All-light, to catch you all up on ... Valentine's and The Cousins' Visit! =)

Ah, Andrew was a chum and let me use his cam-er-a to take some festive photos on Valentine's.
{disclaimer: they are by *no* means good - point of fact, I can immediately see at least three things wrong with the photo below - but, I was merely enjoying the use of a camera that focuses and has nice quality. *shing*}

Enjoying The Camera
(unlike me, Andrew does not take to naming his electronics ;)

{ ^ where's Waldo? Er, rather, Andrew? =}

I just love it when It does that! =]

Aren't they fun! Given and inspired by Meghan R. M - thanks awfully, Meg. =)

~Awkward Valentine~

Do you see Heidi-girl's height?! Nearly as tall as me. =O But, I am okay with that now. =]

February 17th has been much anticipated, and it did not disappoint! =D
Praise God!

Our leetle Elfy came for a visit!

Evin super looks like Erik did when he was a wee child. =)

The very muchly fun and awesome relatives came for a weekend visit!

Heidi, Olive, Gabby, and Kayla!

{Would you believe it! Gabby - next to Oly - is 14, and Kayla is 12! And it seems that they grow at least an inch in between every time I see them! =O}

Cousin visits are intended for many things ...
listed among them:

Bringing Hamlet and Ophelia to life!

Going Virtually Bowling

(ok, so we were going to bowl; howevah, upon arriving, we were informed that Tivoli's was rented out the entire day ... and that, citizen, is what is known as, Virtually Bowling =)

Playing RISK by Candle-light

It was good to have the Anthony-child in our van again =)
The first thing I said when I saw him was, "Anthony! You're home!"
(for those of you who don't remember or didn't know, he stayed with us for two months last Summer =)

Yeh, we're pretty close. =] And oi, do we miss them!
There are other things that we did together; regrettably, and not regrettably, they were not captured on digital cameras (but believe you me! I shall not soon forget jumping streams and accidentally stepping through the ice with the dear children ;P).

The weather has been particularly obliging this week (apparently the groundhog did not see his shadow ;), and it has been grand to be in the out-of-doors!

I received an email from a friend this week, and in it she gave me a verse:
II Samuel 22:20
"He brought me forth also into a large place: He delivered me, because He delighted in me."
Is that not just the craziest thing?!
He delights in us.
{thanks M =)}
What really gets me, is to think that before the foundation of the world was made, He knew me (along with the other 7 billion some individuals alive today!) and wanted me to be born.
I simply cannot fathom that.
He knew all the times that I'd fail Him; but, He still chose to create me.
How great is our God!

"Don't let anyone else take your job what God created you for!"


Post Script
Thanks very muchly to those of you who submitted a comment on the last post! Liv was super blessed. =)

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Things of the Oleevia ...

I have been delightedly anticipating this post for several months now. =]
Because this post is dedicated to my incredibly fantabulous second oldest sister, Olivia. <3
{photo credit to the talented Michaela Potterbaum}
If you've been around us or read our Christmas letter, then you already know this; but, for those of you who do not know, I mostly don't ever call her Olivia. =} The majority of the time, I speak to/refer to her as any of the following:
Mr. Dick
{that is her counselor name ;}
Ollie, etc., etc., etc.!
A few reasons (among many) why I like this girl:
She lets me sit in her lap =}
She lets me ramble (and listens to me!); she plays piano duets with me and doesn't become impatient even when I interpret the piece differently than she does (heh heh); she is always so kind, patient, and understanding when she teaches or shows me something new; she pleasantly tolerates my rather spontaneous personality =P; annnnd
she *still* lets me sit in her lap!
In 2008, our Oly-girl began experiencing major intestinal pain and discomfort. So much so that it hurt to eat or drink anything. She became very weak. We had no idea what the cause was.
When we brought her in to the hospital, she was diagnosed with Crohn's disease
(in a nut shell, your immune system starts attacking your intestinal tract).
After 12 days (if my memory serves me correctly) in the hospital, she came home!
The amount of tests, IVs, and all manner of unpleasantries she went through was exhausting; yet, God turned it into a very special time in her life. He was so faithful to carry us through. <3 To hear Liv's testimony is such a blessing!
An amazing group of friends chipped in to give her a get well gift!
The kindness shown to Olivia and our family during this time was truly overwhelming. <3
This was right after she got home!
We took a special family outing =)
O and I have done a lot together in the past couple years - it has been stellar! To begin our adventuring, the day after our beloved Evy was married, we both went down to Dallas, TX to attend (I was attending, she was a leader) a young ladies program for two months! =D
I loved EXCEL (the program)!
However, two months away from home, I got a leetle home-sick. ;P
Yes-no, having Ollie there was an incalculable blessing! <3

Things done together does, indeed, include shopping (with friends makes it 'specially fun)! =)

Aren't they dears!
Now, some of you may still be under the impression that Olivette is only ever pleasantly quiet, sophisticated, demure, and professional ... while she most definitely is, there is also another side of her personality ...
she is the most hilarious hobo-child ever!
Filled with,
and Charm ;]
All-light, all-light {my favorite way of saying 'all right' ;}, she is incredibly crazy; but, returning to her 'normal' self ... =]
She really super enjoys being an Ant to this little chum!
{pc to Ev}
We take many pictures together *irresistible smile* ;)
annnd more pictures *shing* =}
Happy 21st Birtday, Olive!
Post Script ~ All-light, since it is her 21st birtday {for that is how I like to say it}, and it only comes but once in her life, you must all comment about at least 1 thing you like/have noticed or appreciate about Olivia, right? Of course right. =) I shall then compile them and give them to her - because words of affirmation is her love language. =)
Post Post Script ~ Incredibly fantastical crazy lovahlee weather we have been having the past couple of days, yes?! =D It's certainly been a joy to be out in God's breath-taking creation - go on, do something outside! =)
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