Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"And the Glory of Children ...

... are their fathers."
~Proverbs 17:6 b

This is inexcusably overdue.
My first thinking was to do a post the week of his birt{h}day; however, when that came and left, my next thinking was to do said post the week of Father's Day, right?
That having come and gone, I last minute-like decided to do his post - today! =)

My dearest Daddy celebrated his birtday in April!
And this is a tribute to him ... <3

he likes to take us places.
and we like it when we're taken =)

{brookfield zoo - 2008}

he is our spiritual leader <3

{family devotions}

he gave me his smiley-dimples =}


where my love of hunting originates
{shoot, bang ... ;}

{northern minnesota - 2011}

his first daughter-walk down the aisle <3

{tim&evy's wedding - 2010}

first time being 'grandpa fred' =)

"Children's children are the crown of old men..."

{e's work - for the next four =}

a pretty swell duo =]

I'm so grateful for a father who is:
{ ... }

Who is my:
'pastor' ;)
fellow language scholar

baptized me
disciplined me in love
inspired me to play piano
taught me to love the Bible
taught me how to hunt
taught me how to drive
handed me my diploma
{ ... }

Who has:
<3 my heart <3

i love my daddy <3 

Happy Birtday =)

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Remembering the Peak

Sunrise hitting the Peak
{starting early is a huge perk =}

It was so good of Cousin Terri to guide us part way =)

I love sunrises and sunsets; however, I think I'll play favorites and say that I am more inspired and energized when I witness the sun greeting the day...and seeing it come up over the mountains was glorious. <3

Merely a suggestion when climbing mountains: Pack light. ;P

And also, Take pictures.

Heidel and her mad rock-lifting skills. She's a champ.

Walking sticks - they'll add a year onto your life. 

Good Morning 

My Mountain 

Erik :: Fellow Climber of the Peak

Another one of my 'dreams' has been to climb a mountain, and partake of CLIFF bars for snacks. ;}

Barr Camp = 1/2 way!

A rest for weary pilgrims ...

I could scarcely take it all in <3

Perhaps we shall expect Christmas in July ...

My Mountain Climbing Chum =]

A good point at which to commence the yodeling - no joke ;)

Rugged Terrain <3

"Oh beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain ...

... for purple mountain majesties, above the fruited plain!

America! America!
God shed His grace on thee, and crown thy good with
brotherhood from sea to shining sea!"
It's difficult to distinguish; but, there's a rainbow - (of course I was already breathing irregularly, at 14,110 ft. above sea level) - and it seriously took my breath away. <3
It took us 9 hours to climb it (yes, we are very much amateurs =), 
and 1/2 an hour to drive down ... 
Thanks for climbing with me, little brother. <3

A rather significant "thanks awfully!" to Dad and Mum for their consent; to Terri for letting us use her walking sticks, inspiring us, and guiding us half-way; to Mum for preparing our provisions; and to my Heavenly Father for being our strength, and for creating - Mountains. <3


Post Script ~ Thanks to those of you who were keeping us in your thoughts and prayers during the Journey to the Heart! 
(This phrase has taken on an added dimension) 
God moved mountains. <3 
I am eager to share with you soon-ish. =)

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

In Which We Find ...

... that I am, once again, parted from my homeland.

Olivia and I had the privilege of embarking upon another life-changing Journey {to the Heart}!
As we are away, your prayers are dearly appreciated for:
~Sensitivity to the Spirit's promptings
~Safety in travel
~Power of One-Accord
~And anything else the Lord lays on your heart! =)

Thank you all so much. 


~Post Script~
A Sneak Peak of a photo shoot my crazy-amazing sister did for me! 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dreamy Thots of my Colorado ...

I am returned ... well, in person; but, really - I'm still in Colorado.
'Smitten' is a light term. =P
Because, when I saw this ... it took my breath away.

And when my eyes beheld that horizon ... I stopped breathing.
{only for a brief moment - because, the next, I was squealing 'mountains'!}

What could possibly be added to my cup of utter happiness??
Having two blissful weeks with the Evin-Lad & co.!
*helpless googly-eyes commence*

Our stellar relatives, Tom & Terry, were our lovingly generous hosts for the week. =D
(When was the last time you had eight people {7 of whom you've never met} descend upon your abode for 6 1/2 days? I dub them chums! =)
This is the view that they have every morning ... =O
I submissively 'died' for the third time. 

Love at first sight ... the Peak of Pike's. <3

(note: biggest challenge of the week - fitting 14,110 ft. of elevation into Instagram ... didn't even come close =P there is no way you can wholly experience mountains in photographs - I will simply take you to CO so you can =] )
A day at the Mollie Kathleen Mine in Cripple Creek ...

where the descendants of former residents are only too eager to come up to tourists and tell you a bit about their history (in exchange for apples, naturally ;)!

Stepping back into an original frontier homestead ...

Sleeping out under the stars one night - perfectly undisturbed by any squitos-mos (why? because they don't live at that elevation! *dancing for happy*) ...

~Sibling games of Clue~
Col. Mustard being my choice of character 

Exploring a Historic Castle with Interest

Delighting in the Clear Springs of Manitou

Unexpectedly dying again - it's a Bagpipe Man, people! In Colorado ... hoi I was beside myself =}

The Hike of the Peak

In a Dream ...

Words cannot convey ...

Touring the Air force Academy

Visiting Focus on the Family HQ ...

... where Whit's End was found! =D

These are a measly 20 photos out of 300+ ... believe you me, there is far more to come! =]
I still have mountains in my eyes ...  

I've experienced another aspect of the grandeur of my God - *mountains*

Looking over my journal entries regarding CO, one will notice a certain absence of the following:
!'s, =D's, and <3's.
I tell you the truth, that is highly irregular. ;P
This is not resulted as a lack of keen interest, joy, delight, or spirit-soaring bliss - it's more of an awe.
If, in conversation with me, you have witnessed the un-finished sentences, waving of hands, incoherent utterings, etc. when I am talking about a subject that particularly tickles my fancy, you will understand my usage of the formerly mentioned !'s, =D's, and <3's when I journal. ;)
Sometimes words simply cannot express one's feelings.
Thus, when I can't even communicate my emotions with the above three, you can know I'm truly overwhelmed.

How inexpressibly grateful I am for my delicious mountain dream-come-true. <3

My God is the One Who forms mountains.

That has an entirely added dimension for me.
 It makes me more aware of my inestimably small self - and more conscious of His incalculable hugeness.

As Louie G. expresses it, "It's not a bad shrinking feeling, it's a good shrinking feeling!"


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