Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Let GOd

It is my personal opinion that keeping a journal is a good thing to do - write about what made you smile on July 17th, 2008 (I wish I would have, because now I don't remember what happened that day); look back through your journals and chuckle softly to yourself as you observe how your handwriting, punctuation, spelling, and grammar have improved as time has progressed (or, perhaps, not improved =P); but, ultimately, your journal should be a testimony of God's faithfulness - write about how God has transformed your life! Keep an account of how He has lovingly answered your prayers to the letter - share about those times when He didn't necessarily answer them how you hoped He would ... and rejoice, because He had something far greater in store for you. <3
I've been reading some of my journal entries recently and it's incredible how reading something from over a month ago fits the exact need I have - whether it's to be reminded to smile, or to remember that He is always faithful and true.
"There is so much to learn every day ... I love to learn! Sometimes it is difficult; but, God is right there with us. And He delights to see His children hold onto His hand, and embrace the experience, keeping Him at the center."

{This amazing image was given to me by the stellar Evangeline Renee}
I'm always convicted, yet comforted at the same time when I look at the above photograph. Convicted, because I think of all the things/people that I, Sophia, am desperately trying to hold onto - instead of relinquishing them to Jesus, the One whom they rightfully belong. I'm convicted that I need to Let Go ...
Comforted, because I know that He can do unimaginably far greater things with them!
I need - I want - to Let God. <3

I've been having a grand week with Smoo. =)
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Don't take it for Granite - or was it Granted?

Yes, I always used to think that people said, "Don't take it for granite!"
I was perpetually stupefied - all that my seven year old brain could come up with was, "And don't take it for marble either!" =P
No need for fear, citizens! The word is granted - I know that now. =)

Which ever way you wish to take it, don't take it for granted.
This year has been positively overwhelming in the Department of Blessings Received...sort of resembling last year...annnnd the year before that...and then there was the year before that - I love finding patterns, and there is definitely a pattern going on here, people! Every year, to name all of the blessings that God has given - whatever way, shape, or form they may come in - would be incredibly difficult.
I am thankful for:
New Experiences and Travel to New Places

I am thankful for:
New People
{friends & relatives}
{photo credit - Evangeline Renee}

I am thankful:
For a God Who remains the same Yesterday, Today, and Forever - always loving, always forgiving...always holding onto me.<3

Don't take it for granted, please.
Oh! And Happy Thanksgiving y'all guys!
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Sunday, November 20, 2011

I was tagged ... =)

So, whenever I get emails or notification-thingies telling me that I have to do this hard techy thing - I get all panicked (because I'm not good at doing hard techy things!)! But, really, for the most part, it isn't really hard and techy ... I'm just irrational sometimes. =} So, after I was told by my dear friend, Allie, that it wasn't really that difficult, I was like, "OH! I can do that!" Thusly, here you have it:

Rules: If you are tagged, you must answer the following questions, then tag at least one other blogger (up to three). Notify them by email. If you really don't want to, you simply have to put a link on your blog to mine, and explain that you were tagged, but that you are passing this time.

1: What was the first craft that you remember making?
A knitted scarf - well, it was intended to be a scarf, but it never got that far (it got turned into a chew toy for my kittens ;).

2: What is your preferred craft?
Ohhhh, probably scrap-booking and sewing. =)

3: Who taught you to do that craft?
I really don't claim skill in either one - but, I was inspired to scrap-book and sew by my oldest sister Evy, and me mum taught me how to sew. =)
4:What was the prettiest thing you've ever made?
Harr-harr-harr ... I have a slight propensity to be a perfectionist in some areas - namely crafting - so, quite honestly, there is nothing I have made that I would consider 'pretty'. =P
5: What was the sloppiest thing you’ve ever made (not including very first tries at something)?
A baby blanket for a friend - it was sloppy, because I had to make it in the space of two hours! =P Not my cup o' tea...
6: Who are you going to tag, and email to alert them to their tag?
Hey, have a great week!

Life is Good, because God is Good!
{photo credit: Evangeline Renee}

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Her children will rise up, and call her blessed ...

I love my Mother <3
I do praise the Lord for the blessing she is to me and my family!
She's been through a lot with all of us. ;P
Yet, she still loves us and patiently listens to our trials, lovingly shares her insights, and faithfully keeps us on track. =)
It was Mummy's birthday this past Saturday!
Happy Birthday, Mum! <3

It's been 22 years of marriage
{23 if you round ;}
for my parents, and quite honestly, I can't recall a cross word spoken between them. They are an incredible testimony to me. <3
God is good!
{photo credit: Michaela Potterbaum}

I give her nicknames ... =)
{I like giving those ;}

All six of us children get our brown eyes and brown hair from dearest Mother. =)

This was her birthday pie!

One of her birthday gifts - getting to have Tim, Evy, and Evin up here for an entire week!
{photo credit: Evangeline Renee}
I love you, Mum!!

Sooooo, this weekend, Evy took my senior portraits

{All of the following photos are credited to Evangeline Renee}

Check out her blog for more!
My Buddy! <3

Have a grand day!
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blaze Orange - Not for the Faint of ... Stomach

This is one of my Happy Places ... waaaaay up North in Bagley, MN. =)
My Grandma Fredrickson lives there on a farm. It has been my happy privilege for the past four Summers, to spend a month or two with her. And every year in November we all go up there ...

It was a jolly good time of frolicking with cousins and ...

... Hunting the Elusive White Tail!

Doing one of my favorite things, at one of my favorite places. =}
No, that is not My Deer - my cousin, Anthony, bagged this one.
(But somewhere - out there - roaming the forests - is - My Deer)

And yet another one of my cousin's - blessed fellow. ;)
{Heidi was posting with us in the mornings and evenings - but next year, we're letting her loose!}

This is what Dad has grown up doing every year ...
In his element. =)

Ah, the last drive of the day.

Sometimes I wonder why tree stands aren't built a little more - structurally sound?

The Mighty Hunter
(After tearing his ACL in a football incident last year, we were all glad that Anthony could hunt with us this year =)
Our freezers are full, and we'll be having nice warm venison stew this winter. =)

Guess who was waiting for me when I got home??

He is smiling and laughing now!
Three months old tomorrow ... how the time does fly. =O

His first piggy-back ride on Uncle Erik!
I've never seen Erik so willingly tolerate anyone pulling his hair. ;)
(Not to worry - I was holding onto him the entire time =)

Gran came back with us, and got to see her first Great-grandson for the first time!
Life is such a grand adventure!
To say that I enjoy every minute of it would not be true - because sometimes the adventure is not so pleasant; however, by God's grace, I can say that I am grateful for every minute. <3

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WOW ...

Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!
There is so much that has happened in the past three weeks ... and 'wow' describes it purrrty well. =)
Three weeks ago last Sunday night, at 8:40-ish p.m., the opportunity arises for me to leave the next morning at 6:30, to go to the UP of MI, and help work in the kitchen at - - - -
The Northwoods!
Wow, so that was grandly random ... I was in a daze the entire night as I make an effort to pack.
Please do not mistake me - I love the Northwoods and Journey ; it's just that I deal best with spontaneity when I can :plan: for it. =}
But, God's ways are much higher than my ways ... and I am so grateful that they are. <3
To discover how God divinely appoints everything is such an adventure and joy!
The entire week was a blessing - the one sad part I remember is that in my dazed state of mind, I forgot to pack my camera. ='( Thusly I have not a one picture from the week.
So, here is a picture of our now completed coat rack!
A book shelf - spray painted + random board found in our back woods - spray painted and cut + plus 50% off decorative knobs from Hobby Lobby + being taught how to use a drill ;) =
another thing that actually got done!! =D
A great thank you to Dad, Andrew, and Evy for helping and inspiring me. =)
{O, S, and H =}
After having a nice wind-down week at home, Olivia and I headed back up to the Northwoods the next week to, once again, help cook for the last young men's Journey of the year.
And this time, I remembered my camera! =)
The Beloved Dish Machine
(I at long last know how to work one now =)

Harr-harr ... I forgot ... the only other unpleasant thing from the first week (beside forgetting my camera) was reenacting one of the ten plagues of Egypt.
Yes, flies.
I loved the flies so much, that I composed a poem in their honor.
~A Fly Observed~
When I gaze upon a fly
I ponder means that I can try,
to swiftly say "Goodbye!"
to inconvenient Mr. Fly.
{these sticky things are my very good friends ;}

Did I mention that I got to work with amazing people the entire week?!
Well, I did. =)
{haha - we wore our EXCEL polos when we cooked for the ALERT guys on the Journey ;}
The Serving Line

Drink more Water!

Very fun!

Amazingness about to happen =)

I have this thing - for oatmeal. =}

Oh, highlight!
We took one of the girls snipe hunting.
That was definitely the hardest I had laughed all month!
Didn't you know that you catch snipes using paper bags full of salt?? ;)

The Anticipation!

And voila! She caught a 'snipe'. =)
She was such a good sport! That made it fun to teach her how to hunt snipe. =)
What grand memories ...

Cody - forever smiling! =)

Annnnd there was a very special birthday while we were up there! Caitlin made an incredible cake, from scratch, and creatively used what we had in the kitchen.
She is increable!

Then home again - back to my people - taking walks. =)

God has been teaching me so much - He is good, and He is my God. <3
Go, take a walk.
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