Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Happy Day

The Heidster and I have been spick-and-spanning from one end of the house to the other; {hence the Cleaning Hat and messy hair} because, tomorrow we have company! =) I do find cleaning a relaxing past time, and I'm very glad that Heidi was inspired to share it with me...we enjoyed ourselves. =)
As a reward for cleaning, we played Authors and had tea.
{she won the first game, I won the second}

Following our game, we had more tea and read for the remainder of the afternoon.
{Dickens and Tea...a definite favorite}

I call that a Happy Day =)
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Simple Delights

I am rarely refreshed more, than when I take the time to enjoy and appreciate the Simple Delightsthat surround my life...
::A Clean Dresser::
::Patterns that are waiting to be sewn::

::Having Afternoon Tea::

::Discovering Secret Passages in Old Mansions::

::Dressing Up::
::Your-very-own First Kittens::

::Watching your Cousin's High school Football Game::

::Going on a Hay Ride in the Freezing-Cold because it's That Time of Year::

::Lighting and Blowing your Birthday Candle Out 18 Times on your 18th Birthday::

::Feeding a Rabid Possum Sushi::

::Getting Visits from your Newly Married Sister::

Life gets busy (am I ever finding that out this year)...remember to stop and smell the roses, and enjoy the Simple Delights that God has blessed you with.
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