Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Painful Past-Time ...

What is it, you ask?
Who first thought of strapping one's feet onto a board, and decided that it would be a good idear to travel at a face-chilling speed down a slope, I wonder ...
The day after I go snowboarding I always try to remember exactly why I chose, of my own free will, to participate in this painful {not to mention c.o.l.d} winter activity - then when I find myself, yet again, at the top of the slope ... I remember. =)
Quite honestly, I am not a proficient at it; however, I do enjoy it muchly.
Because I did not think to take that many pictures, Olivia was kind enough to let me share some of hers. =)
We went with a group of friends - it's the grandest!
{photo credit Olive}
I promised myself that the next snowboarding trip I take, I will wear a face-mask - no more Arabic scarf-wrapping ;}

The facility was quite nice =)
At the end of the day, I stopped not because my muscles were aching, but on behalf of my frozen hands and face. =P

Thanks awfully, R, for your kind patient instruction. =)

A good sister-bonding activity - knocking each other out as you endeavor to get off the ski-lift gracefully. ;)

I have been enjoying some hand-crafting recently. =)
It really is quite delightful ...
January is at last beginning to behave itself - within the past two days we have been blessedly snowed-upon {after tolerating 50-some degree weather}! ;) Actually, it was amusingly fun to take a bike-ride in the middle of January ... I can't say as I've ever done that before. =)

I hope that you are having a fantabulous first-born month of the year!

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Possibilities, Potential and ... Peanuts?

Why, hullo there. =)
I do realize that I've* not blogged since - Christmas ... with the presence of happy whims, goals, memories and what-not occupying my mind, the statement above is not very welcome; thus, for it's reality, I ask your pardon.
*This excludes dear Evy's sneaky post from a week ago =P
One of my goals for this year, is to blog (at least) twice every fortnight ... I know, I am just barely squeaking by for this week's. =}

I christen 2011, The Year of Travel!
[for my scrap-book, at any rate]
And, in imitation of it's predecessor, 2012 is shaping up to be a veritable copy-cat.
On January 1st, I was asked (one hour before departure ;) if it would strike my fancy to spend several days at the junior Porter's DLH* (in the event that there is any question in your mind, the fancy most certainly was struck =).
So, there you have it! The very first day of the year I start off with travel. =)
*Translation - Dear Little House

{He's teething and his hair is growing! I simply had to see if my bow would stay in ... it did, until he pulled it out ;}
The Parable of the Peanuts
I was contemplating this New Year - thinking of the places that will be seen, people who will be met, changes that will be made, ambitions that will take form, etc. - and it struck me, how very peanut-sized my dreams, goals, and desires are in comparison to what the Lord has planned for me.
I can choose to hold onto my little stash of peanuts; clenching my fist around them, in an obstinate child-like fashion ... while I'm holding onto them, they are not being shared with anyone else - I'm certainly not enjoying them, and my grasp is probably crushing those wee things.
When I let go of them, and transfer the deed of ownership to Him, things begin to happen - the peanuts grow! They grow so big, that Sophia Fredrickson's hands can no longer hold onto them - they are now visible to the individuals around her! They most definitely are not being crushed - they are thriving, ever growing, as the Master takes care of them.
So, why is it that so often, I detect the trace of peanut butter on my hands?
My desire for this New Year, is to ever keep in mind this verse,
"Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established."
~ Proverbs 16:3

They (T and the Es) were able to spend a week with us during Christmas!
It was glorious, quite ;) ... *sigh*
And here you have the whole family - wishing you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

*It's British, for 'Goodbye' =)
Post Script - My apologies for the strange gray shading behind the words in this post - I have no idear what got into Blogger's head! =P
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