Saturday, March 24, 2012

Things Pleasantly Unexpected

*with sheepishness*
Hullo =}
I super hope that you all won't commence to shun me due to my lack of posting.
It is entirely my bad - and I say it once again,
you are all peachy chums!
So, to somewhat catch you up ...
In the beginning of March, we had some more wedding attending. =)
Congratulations to Adam & Valerie!
God bless you both. <3
Oh for joy and merriment!
We were completely delighted to see some very amazing people! =)
Ah, now we come to St. Pat's day ... pictured below is corned beef with cabbage, and green mashed potatoes.
Much to my sadness, we (the Freds) have not one smidge of Irish blood ... alas. =(
In place of artificially green mashed potatoes, I opted for naturally green guacamole! =)

It was a super fun day, involving guests and a coffee party!
A wee green "Lepracorn" [leprachaun] came to make some shoes for us! <3
Last week, Spring was in full!
For real, it was g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s.
So, what was so pleasantly unexpected and kept me from blogging??
I am now working in the Journey to the Heart dept. for IBLP!
I'm greatly enjoying it, and incredibly excited to see how He will use this in my life.
God's ways are so infinitely higher than my teensy-weensy ones. <3
My heart is truly full over the way He leads me - His ever-wandering child.
heh Last week, I was really 'out of it'; hence, my not blogging. =}
Now, we've been over this before - change, whether good or bad, takes adjusting to (particularly for me, it seems ;P)!
This is something that God keeps bringing into my life, and I truly am grateful that He leads me every step, and I can hold His hand, resting in His perfect plan for me. <3
All of this intensely stellar weather does beckon those of us with an inclination towards outdoor activities. =)
Frisbee three days in a row, citizens - huzzah!
with some volley ball on the side. =]
Sisters are seriously grand. <3 I do so love this Heidi-child!
" toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus." !
[Found in my good friend Filip, chapter 3, verse 14. =]
Post Script: Many and much thankfulness-es to my very sweet darling friend, Diana, for making me an official blog button! Thanks awfully, dear. =)
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  1. You're blogs are amazing! I always look forward to what new and exciting things God is bringing into your life! Ah, well Sophia, I shall adopt you into my family and that way you will be 'half of half' Irish! :D

    1. Oh I'm so glad, M. =) Praise the Lord! Thanks. ;)

  2. I love smashed potatoes, but the green...eeeew...I'll take guacamole any day! Great photos, looks like lots of fun! Praying many blessings on your new work at IBLP!

    Mrs. Havens

    1. You and me both, Mrs. H! ;) Thank you so much! It was grand getting to see you twice yesterday! =)
      Hugs to you!

  3. Oh gel, DO NOT regret posting earlier!... It's toally understandable, what with your new Journey job & other happenings. (; (I'm SOSO glad God allowed you to work in the journey department!) Happyfied!!!!! I deeply enjoyed the post & the pics taken by Lawrence! =PPP I'm psyched to hear that you have so many new opportunities taking place. I <3 my Monks! XD {^BlOwInG kIsSeS^}

    1. Thanks, darling girl. <3 God is so good! It was so perfectly lovely to talk with you on the telee the other day! Love my Nans! <3

  4. "Resting" in God's perfect plan is a very good way to put it!
    And that's one of my favorite verses from Philippians! :)

    1. I love that Hymn, Jesus I am Resting, Resting. =) Oh I know right! Philippians is so crazy awesome - such incredible words of wisdom and admonition.

  5. I love your blog button! :) Now I wish I had a blog to put it on. :( I am super excited about your new happenings and jobses. 'Tis indeed amazing, His plan is!
    ~ Sarah M.

    1. Yes, Diana is incredible. =) If/when you get a blog, I want to be it's first followee!! +D Thanks, dear. =) Indeed! <3


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